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We are a young Seattle-based company, formed by  professional goldsmiths with over 20 years of experience in fine jewelry manufacturing. We formed with a goal in mind: to offer you the highest quality wedding bands available today, at the lowest prices possible, to cut the costs of the middle men  and the huge markups of the retail stores. Since we only do internet sales, our overhead expenses can be kept very low, that way we can deliver you beautiful crafted wedding bands at low prices.

      Every time when you order a wedding band from us, it will be especially made for you. Within two to three business days from the ordering date we will manufacture your band to the specified size , width , model and metal of your choice and we will ship it to you. 

      When we started, we started by offering you a large variety of classic wedding bands, but our goal is to start offering many  other models and also custom designed wedding bands.

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